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Detail image – SCHUNK adapter jaws

Adapter jaws for third-party machine vises

Your key to the extensive SCHUNK jaw portfolio

Easily expand the capabilities of your vise

With the SCHUNK adapter jaws], you no longer have to rely on expensive, system-specific attachment jaws and top jaws. With the new adapter jaws for your machine vise from Allmatic, Atorn, Garant, Kesel, Röhm or Roemheld Hilma, we offer compatibility with the SCHUNK jaw portfolio.

With the new adapter jaws, SCHUNK offers you a cost-effective solution to expand your options. You are no longer tied to a specific system. Unleash the potential of your existing machine vises with SCHUNK adapter jaws: Take advantage of the versatility and increase your efficiency.

Profit from the benefits

Product image – SCHUNK adapter jaws

  • Compatible

SCHUNK adapter jaws are available for machine vises from Allmatic, Arton, Garant, Kesel, Röhm and Roemheld Hilma.

  • Flexible

The adapter jaws make it possible for you to use the extensive top jaw portfolio from SCHUNK and GRESSEL, which offers 32 different variants. This opens up three times more possibilities compared to system-based jaws.The top jaws are also available from stock, so you benefit from short delivery times.

  • Efficient

Many SCHUNK top jaws are available with continuous recesses. When converting, the screws of the adapter jaws only need to be loosened. This means that the top jaws can be changed much faster than with conventional systems.

  • Sustainable

The adapter system makes it possible to simply continue using existing third-party machine vises. If required, the old system jaws can also be screwed back on and the existing top jaws can continue to be used.

  • Economical

Due to the favorable SCHUNK top jaw portfolio, the SCHUNK adapter jaws pay for themselves within a very short time.

Application image – adapter jaws

You will appreciate the variety

SCHUNK adapter jaws allow you to choose from a wide range of jaw options to handle a variety of clamping applications.

  • Large selection of 32 types of attachment jaws and top jaws
  • The right jaw available for every application
  • Short delivery times as they are available from stock
  • Favorable prices compared to the competition
  • Identical in construction to jaws from GRESSEL

SCHUNK – Top jaw overview

Find the perfect combination

Replacing existing system jaws on your vise is quick and easy. SCHUNK adapter jaws fit seamlessly into your current system, without the need for additional interfaces. One-for-one interchangeable and ready to go – just unscrew and get working!

Adapter jaws type A

SCHUNK – Adapter jaw promo

Save an impressive 25% to market launch:
Our promotion is vaild until December 31, 2023

When you purchase a pair of ADAPT[R] dapter jaws consisting of one fixed and one movable adapter jaw, as well as the matching top jaws, you will receive a 25% discount on your order.

  • Select one fixed and one movable adapter jaw each for your machine vise.
  • Select the required top jaws.
  • Save 25 percent on your entire order!

Terms and conditions: This promo is only valid in conjunction with the simultaneous purchase of adapter jaws and matching top jaws from the SCHUNK assortment. The discount only applies to adapter jaws and top jaws. Any other items in the order are not discounted. The promo is valid until December 31, 2023 for the market launch of the new SCHUNK adapter jaws.